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about us

Anemos rent a scooter offices

Our business was established during 1996!

Anemos moto rentals in Ios - Greece was one of the first scooter hire businesses of the island and has been providing scooters and ATVs at discounted prices ever since.

Our offices are located at the center of Chora offering the ideal parking spot when you visit the bars and restaurants of the area.

Our website offers online booking services so that you can be informed about prices, availability and requirements before you rent your vehicle. When using our online booking system you get automatically a discount on our official prices and a peace of mind that you have your vehicle waiting for you upon your arrival.

Our history

  • Our moto rental bussiness started

    In 1996 we opened for the first time in Ios - Greece with a small fleet of 20 scooters.

  • Fleet increase

    We decided to grow our fleet and reached 50 scooters at the time.

  • Added ATVs and Buggies to our fleet

    In 2011 we added the first ATVs and Buggies to our fleet.

  • Added more scooters, ATVs and Buggies to our fleet

    In 2018 we added more vehicles to our fleet and reached a total of 100 scooters, ATVs and Buggies.

  • Created our online scooter booking service

    In 2019 we introduced our online booking service that applies discounts automatically based on the date of your arrival, the total number of your reservation and other factors that help you get better prices on all our vehicles.

Mission & values

We want to put a smile in your face

We know how important it is to enjoy your vacation with no issues what so ever

Work team


Dimitris is the owner of Anemos moto hiring services and in charge of pickup and deliveries.


Markos is a mechanic and handles anything that has to do with the maintainance or repair of the vehicles.


Christina is Dimitris' daughter and helps him running the business.

nasos the mechanic

Nasos is in charge of the online communication. whether it is an email or online booking request Markos is the person to handle it.

our advantages

  • 1.

    Affordable prices

    We created a online booking system with discounts that are applied automatically to provide the best possible options and prices.

  • 2.

    Free of charge Pickup - Delivery

    We offer pickup and delivery of your vehicle free of charge when it is done within office hours. If you need a really late or really early pickup or delivery there is a small fee to pay.

  • 3.

    Parking - Location

    One of the most interesting things about Anemos rentals is that the office is located at the center of Chora where all the bars and restaurants are. In front of the office we have a free of charge parking area available for all our clients.

what we do

we rent scooters, ATVs and Buggies at low prices

Ios island is a true paradise. What is the best way to get to know the island? A vehicle for your transportation. Rent a scooter, ATV or Buggy with us and enjoy your vacation in one of the most fun and beautiful islands of Greece.


  • Dimitris is a straight forward guy and a professional. He helped us a lot and gave us a map with directions upon our arrival.

    Johan Thais, Client
  • I booked online and when i arrived my ATV was waiting for me at my hotel! Nice customer service.

    Steve Donovan, Client